Fasteners for Lures?

Readers continue to have questions about Rob’s fishing lures. This one is concerned about the strength of the lures in the face of a large fish. For Rob, that apparently hasn’t been an issue. – Editor

“Howdy from up here in the great north, land of ten billion mosquitoes. A question about your fishing lures: what type of fastener holds the treble hooks on the end and bottom? I have some old lures, and they look just like small eye screws. But won’t a strong-pulling walleye or northern just rip that right out?” – Jim Samanich

Rob Johnstone: I use tiny eye screws, just as you say. I super glue them as well as screw them, and have not had one pull out yet, but I must confess I have not landed any real trophy-sized fish on my handmade lures.

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