Feedback on a Cooling Rack

Feedback on a Cooling Rack

Cooling Rack

Bill Booth offered a suggestion for inserting the dowels in our cooling rack from the last issue. The original instructions called for drilling the holes for the dowel from the top down. Bill thinks the finished product would look better if the holes were drilled from the bottom up and only halfway up through the slats. Then any trimming is done on the bottom, leaving the top of the rack free from any imperfections.

Righty with a Lefty Circular Saw

Personally, John M. Morgan would rather use a left-hand saw because he can see the blade more clearly. But he also acknowledged that a circular saw takes mores concentration to operate, because the blade is below the surface. And relaxing that concentration can be dangerous, painfully demonstrated by the seven stitches that left a slight indentation in his left middle finger!

Gary Janes was surprised and grateful to see the answer to the question he sent in on left-hand circular saws.

Loose Bench Chisel

Get with the times, suggests Robert Galloway. While the traditional method of heating the tang and burning it into the handle may work, epoxy will work.

Ridgid Repositions for New Markets and Channels

Professionals will pay more for quality tools that support American jobs, declared Bob Ross. And he wishes the decision makers at tool manufacturers would realize it!

A Sure-footed Clamping Solution

He must have been perusing our archives, but Alfred Beckman was excited to come across our article on footed pipe clamps. With only the use of one hand and now using a scooter to get around, he welcomed the appearance of Rockler’s product and how they solve the major drawback of traditional pipe clamps!


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