Fein Turbo III Portable Vac: Sucking It Up in the Shop

Fein Turbo III Portable Vac: Sucking It Up in the Shop

At 46, I’m getting used to old standards being re-invented and marketed as the newest coolest thing. In the dim and misty years of my youth, my father’s shop had a couple of portable shop vacuums, which in use caused no end of creative profanity. The concept was good; they just didn’t work as advertised. They had wheels, but if you tried to drag them by their hose, the machine simply spun around and fell over…spilling whatever was inside the canister in the process. And when you used them in a particular operation, they were louder than a 747 and their vacuuming power was never sufficient for the task at hand. Times have changed.

In recent years portable shop vacuums have in truth been re-invented and have become invaluable tools in both professional and home shops. The old drawbacks are gone, and the Fein Turbo III is at the head of the pack when it comes to power and practicality. The Turbo III moves air at a remarkable 126 cubic feet per minute powered by an ultra quiet 1,200 watt motor (57.8 DBA). Its standard filter is 5 microns, a big improvement over the old-fashioned shop vacuums. There are also very practical features like the 16′ power cord and 10′ hose length.

Shaped a little bit like Dr.Who’s archenemies, the Daleks, the Fein has a number of advanced features, including my favorite…auto start. This handy option allows you to plug your sander into the vacuum and, when you begin sanding, the Fein automatically starts up. This works best, of course, with Fein’s own line of handheld sanders, but it is also compatible with other brands as well. It is a true wet/dry vac, a feature that cannot be overstated when your shop springs a little leak …(don’t ask).

With dust collection of all sorts moving into a proper position of importance, the Fein Turbo III is a great way to improve your workshop experience and to help keep shop profanity to a minimum.

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