Festool Hand Sanding Abrasives

Festool Hand Sanding Abrasives

New this month, Festool USA and Festool Canada have introduced a complete line of premium Hand Sanding products for a broad range of applications. Available in sheets, blocks, sponges, rolls and pads, these new hand-sanding options were developed in accordance with the principles of machine abrasives. To that end, Festool’s new Hand Sanding line promises to deliver:

• Longer service life and a high material removal rate due to special fused aluminum oxide.

• Long-lasting cutting power, thanks to synthetic resin that entirely bonds the grits.

• Simple, washable cleaning for repeated usability.

• Flexible, extra-soft foam backing or high quality latex paper backing, which adapts better to the workpiece.

• Strong grit bonding, to reduce grooves and scratches.

• Uniform surface quality, thanks to a foam that distributes pressure.

• No crinkle formation, providing optimum surface protection.

Festool is offering 5mm, 13mm and 26mm (approximately 1/4-, 1/2- and 1-in.-thick) GRANAT abrasive block sponges, in grits ranging from 36 to 1,500, depending on the product. The 1/2- and 1-in.-thick blocks are available in six-packs for $10 and $32, respectively. The 1/4-in sponges come in packs of 20 for $36.

Or, you can buy 230mm x 280mm (approximately 9- x 11-in.) sheets of GRANAT abrasives in 10-, 25- or 50-sheet packages ($9, $18 or $36, respectively) in grits ranging from 40 to 400. Not all grits are available in all package quantities.

GRANAT paper-backed abrasives are also available in 115mm (4-1/2-in.)-wide rolls. In 40- to 320-grit varieties, these 25-meter-long rolls (approximately 82 ft.) sell for $46 per roll.

Festool also is introducing 115mm x 152mm (4-1/2- x 6-in.) VLIES abrasive pads. Grit options are 100, 320, 800 and 1,000. The pads come in packs of 25 or 30, depending upon grit, and sell for $36 per package. Or, you can buy 10-meter (approximately 33 ft. long) rolls of VLIES abrasives in the same grit options as the pads. Rolls measure about 4-1/2 in. wide and sell for $46.

“Our new hand sanding line uses Festool’s GRANAT and VLIES abrasives so that you will achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently – even for hand sanding,” says Leo Zirkler, vice president of marketing at Festool. “Because we are known for unmatched power tool quality, performance and innovation, we made sure that our Hand Sanding product line met our demanding performance and service life standards.”

See a list of Festool’s Hand Sanding Abrasives by clicking here.

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