Festool Kapex KS120: A Tool That Could Inspire Dreams

Festool Kapex KS120: A Tool That Could Inspire Dreams

Festool freely admits that their new Kapex KS120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw is not for everyone. With a price of $1,300, that’s a pretty safe assumption. Still, though, a person can dream.

What might you be dreaming about if the sugarplums dancing in your head belonged more in the workshop than in the confectionery aisle? Well, one thing you’d be dreaming about with the Kapex is its special cutting position: the flip of a lever allows the use of the back part of the blade for cutting, giving it a cutting capacity of crown molding up to 6 and five-eighths inches and the ability to do vertical cuts in material up to 4 and three-quarters inches by three-quarter inches.

You might be dreaming about using the Miterfast Angle Transfer Device that comes with the saw to bring either an inside or an outside angle measurement from a workpiece to the saw, where a counterspring balanced bevel is designed to keep your angle where you put it, even if you (ahem) forget to lock it in.

The micro-adjustment knob lets you adjust those bevels by fractions of degrees — up to 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.

Another unusual feature of the Kapex is its ability to cut “trenches•bCrLf: flipping a knob allows you to cut a trench (aka a groove, or dado) for lap joints or other purposes.

And when you’re making those cuts, dual lasers — one from the left, one from the right, show you just what you’ll be cutting out of your piece of wood. You can adjust those lasers, or turn them on when the saw is off, too. What powers those cuts? A 1,600-watt motor.

When you’re done for the day, you may need to dump the dust you’ve collected through a 27- or 36-mm hose attached to the swiveling dust extraction port, or pick up the 47-pound tool and put it away against the wall of your shop, where it takes up a roughly 28-inch by 19-inch space.

A person can dream. To find more info for those dreams, visit http://www.festoolusa.com/.

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