Fire Hose Shop Coat: A Coat of Protection

Fire Hose Shop Coat: A Coat of Protection

True, this isn’t the time of year you’re generally shopping for coats. But a shop coat, now that’s different, isn’t it? Actually, Duluth Trading Company thinks their Fire Hose Shop Coat is different for a lot of reasons.

First, it’s made out of what they call Fire Hose® cotton canvas: a fabric that both resists tears – from sharp tools and such – and is stain-resistant – in case, for example, you rub against something greasy (something which you know just might happen in a shop setting).

It has triple-stitched seams everywhere you find this kind of joinery (that’s kind of like a woodworking joint held together with dowels and glue and fasteners), plus seven pockets for your stuff – four on the front of the coat, one on the sleeve and two inside. Like the coat itself, Duluth’s pockets are sturdily constructed – well enough to hold a serving or two of vegetable soup without spilling (a circumstance accidentally tested by our staff when putting such an item through its paces).

This is an ideal turning smock, as the total coverage keeps chips and sawdust at bay. Another nice touch are the large front pockets. Their flap can be lowered to keep chips an dust out, or folded into the pocket to allow clear access and tall tool storage while turning.  And did we mention how tough it is?

Whether you’re looking at protective gear to wear when turning or just want a coat to wear around the shop  that has lots of pockets to keep all your stuff in, you can find more information about the Fire Hose Shop Coat at Regular size costs $39.50; big and tall is $44.50.

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