From Firewood to Treenware

Rob-Portrait351In my secluded hilltop home, I burn wood as a second heat source. And this week, as predicted low temperatures will hover below zero, I will burn more and huddle closer to the fire. But once a woodworker, always a woodworker … and for that reason, chunks of wood intended for the furnace often get set aside because the wood is just too cool. A birch log that has extreme curly grain, a piece of box elder that has red coloring running through it like a river, walnut limbs that have a dark core with a creamy outer sheath — I’ve found some great stuff over the years. The pieces are, of course, small, but spoons, salad forks and small bowls (what we call treenware) are perfect projects for the split billets.

Once again, I am guessing I am not the only woodworker with a too-good-to-burn pile. If that’s true, what are you making from your firewood?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. In the last couple of issues, many of us have been singing the praises of butternut lumber, while mentioning that it is sometimes hard to find. By coincidence, it turns out the Rockler retail stores have just received a shipment of butternut lumber. Sadly, it is only available at the stores (not online), but I thought I should mention it even so. You can use this page to find a store near you .

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