Fixing the Broken Rim of a Turned Bowl

Fixing the Broken Rim of a Turned Bowl

How cyanoacrylate glue can fix a turning mishap.

I love making natural rim bowls with their delicate and funky-looking edges. The problem? Their delicate rims. It’s easy to catch a rim as it wings past the tool and chips out a chunk. Thanks to cyanoacrylate (CA) glue, you can change that damaged bowl from firewood back into a bowl.

My chisel caught on the rim of this elm bowl and busted out a chunk. You may think this bowl just became firewood, but I can save it.

Wearing gloves to keep the glue off your hands, apply a bead of medium consistency CA glue to the edge of the chip.


Press the chip back into the bowl, working it into alignment with the rim and exterior surface. Hold it in place for about 30 seconds.


It takes longer to sharpen a chisel than it does to repair the bowl. If your bottle of CA glue is handy, your bowl will be repaired and you’ll be back at work in a couple minutes.


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