Flattening a Warped Pine Door?

I am building a doll wardrobe out of 1x pine. The piece of lumber I have for the door is warped. As such, the board bows out and the clasp is not able to close. Is there a method I could utilize to make the board level? Thanks for your answer. – Dick Adcock Chris Marshall: If the door is cupping across its width, you might be able to flatten it some by screwing a couple of wood battens across the back face. If it’s twisted lengthwise, you’re out of luck. Really, a better solution all around would be to find a flatter piece of pine and make a new door. Start with a good, dry piece and flatten one face on a jointer, then run it through a planer to flatten the other face. Seal it on both faces with finish or paint, and odds are, it will stay flat. Tim Inman: My very best advice is this: get a nice piece of flat wood to work this job. Even if you do get your board to comply and go flat, you already know that board has a built-in natural instinct to warp. It will keep trying to warp ever after. Put your time into perfect execution of your joints and fitting your door. Don’t fight Mother Nature and a warped board on this one, if you don’t have to. Speaking from experience, it isn’t much reward to have conquered your warped board this week, only to discover the warped board has returned to its nature and ruined your project next month.

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