Fooled (Some of) Ya …

The last issue of the eZine, as some of you noticed – and, as usual, some of you didn’t – was our annual April Fool’s edition. Despite his assertions in that issue’s editorial, Rob is not currently retiring, so your suggestions, made both seriously and in jest, on his “second career” options will have to wait. (And we made up the rest of the stuff in the April 1 edition, too.) – Editor

“Oh, crap.  You caught me completely off guard for the first time since I first read about the kerfless band saw blade many years ago. It has been a long day, and I was in a gullible state this evening. I had a long reply to your career change all typed up in all seriousness, and then it hit me right between the eyes.  Good one, old buddy and now I look forward to reading the rest of this special edition. Again I say it: you got me.” – Charles Buster

“Well done, Rob. You had me going until I realized the date. Thanks, buddy, for the chuckles and all your great work.” – Steve Bailey

“April Fool, of course! At sixty, you’re just getting dry behind the ears!” – Jack Stanford

“Sorry to hear that you are giving up the editor position. On April first, no less.  I think you should consider going on the standup comedy circuit.  You could see the country, meet new friends, and generally stay broke and humble.  We would miss you, of course.” – Mark Aldrich

“I read the piece twice; nowhere did I see “April Fool,” so I assume that you are seriously leaving the greatest job  any woodworker could possibly ever have. As for a new career. I think that number one would be my choice. Juggling becomes you. You looked quite comfortable juggling those circular saws. Who knows, maybe 20 years from now you will be hanging up your saws in favor of a new  career in chicanery or legerdemain.“ – Tony Kiernan

“I’d go with Power Tool Juggler as long as the guards are in place. Safety first, right?” – Tim Nelin

“NASCAR, no less? I didn’t think that you married THAT much money.  It takes about seven a year to field a competitive team (million). However, for about 25, you could probably field four competitive teams. What a bargain. There are benefits in numbers.” – Rich Flynn

“For your new career, I would go for the NASCAR senior circuit.  Even if you are not allowed to drive a car or work with the pit crew, the atmosphere must be really exciting.  Also, think of the people watching you could do! You might be able to use your talents with 3D modeling software to design new parts for the crew.  You could take your experience with CNC router machines and learn CNC machining center skills.

“Most of all, enjoy yourself.  Stop looking over your shoulder to see where the next approaching deadline is.  Life is too short to worry all the time.  If you have your health, have some food to eat and something to drink, you are 90% of the way to true happiness.” – Walt Hoppe

“Have you considered big game hunting? You have done an excellent job of shooting the April bull for a number of years, and buffalo or Rhinoceros should be an easy transition.” – Robert Barth

“You don’t need to go far from the Twin Cities for surfing, just across the cheddar border to Lake Michigan. Here’s some info from Travel Wisconsin about the Malibu of the Midwest. Besides, then you can pick another career since you can’t go surfing all year long in Sheboygan. A twofer.” – Rich Hall-Reppen

“Go with the Yogi master. It will give you more time to come up with next year’s April 1 edition.” – Tom VanPay

Speaking of next year … – Editor

“Good try, but 70 years ago, my mother put cardboard sheets in my pancakes.” – Harold Horchover

And we’re waiting to see everyone else’s photos of their creations from the April 1 edition’s Free Plans. – Editor

424FBPaperweight “I loved the paperweight project so much that I couldn’t wait to build it. It was easy to build and works beautifully.  Thank you for running a project I can make. “ – Tom Walz

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