Foolish, Foolish Me

Rob-Portrait351As is usually the case, last week’s April Fool’s edition of the eZine garnered both praise and condemnation from our readers.  This year’s effort met with fewer complaints — perhaps due to the fact that sophomoric behavior is gaining acceptability … or perhaps because some folks have simply given up on us.  In any event, most people seemed tickled by our attempts at humor.  Several even said that they had been waiting in anticipation of the annual event.

Folks from Australia to England and all across North America had comments and additions to the goofball missive. Many had additional flights of fancy that really made my day — like the one about bald eagles swooping up Californian politicians.

Several readers responded by telling me that they were being blithely led down the primrose path until they got to the reference to the Great Molasses Flood.  Oddly enough, that was the lone bit of truth in my whole editorial.

Many thanks should be directed to Michael Dresdner and Joanna Takes. Joanna’s daughter was the model for Shorty Stubbs. (And no, you cannot adopt her!)

For more of what other fellow eZiners thought of the whole ball of wax, go to the Feedback section of the eZine.

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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