Fools of a Feather

Rob-Portrait351Without a doubt, our April Fool’s eZine created the highest level of feedback in our five years of online publishing. The range of comments (many of which can be seen on our Reader’s Response page) went from “This eZine was the best ever” to “you are a humor impaired idiot who has wasted my time … please unsubscribe me at once!”

My favorite was the e-mail from the fellow who was sad to tell me that Lirpa Sloop (April Fool’s in reverse) had been accidentally killed at the airport in Lagos, Nigeria. Fortunately, the corresponder was the only living relative of Mr. Sloop, and if I would only re-confirm my credit card number, he would get our award shipped to us lickety-split.

Here I must take a moment to both thank all the people who sent kind words and to apologize to those whom we offended by our efforts. Perhaps our enthusiasm did get the best of us. And to all those who responded by saying that they’d really like to buy one of those “kerfless saw blades” … I will see what I can do.


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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