For Every Season … Turn, Turn, Turn

I have a question for you. Are you interested in woodturning? If so would you like a once-a-month turning-based newsletter from Woodworker’s Journal? Chucks, banjos, blanks, gouge grinds, cool turning techniques, fancy wood … all there for free!

The reason I ask is that we are considering doing an additional (to this Weekly) newsletter just on turning, but we would only do it if there are enough of you who would like to try it out. We have some great content that we are chomping at the bit to publish, but we need the right place to put it.

The turning-based newsletter would be free, just like this one, and, of course, you could opt out of it if you did not find it useful.

So here is your chance: if you are truly interested in the idea, click here and sign up for the newsletter. If enough folks are interested, we will make it happen. If it turns out there are not enough of you who would like it, we will erase your names from the list and come up with another idea!

Let me know. This could be really fun!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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