Forrest Blade Cleaning and Storage Products

Forrest Blade Cleaning and Storage Products

Several accessories from Forrest Manufacturing are meant to help you keep your expensive saw blades in tiptop condition. The company offers a complete blade cleaning kit ($23 plus shipping), which includes one gallon of ammonia-based Blade Kleen cleaner, a brass scrub brush and pump-spray bottle. Blade Kleen is the same industrial-strength cleaner Forrest uses in-house to clean blades. Just the gallon jug of Blade Kleen is $16 plus shipping.

Forrest also offers a citrus-based aerosol blade cleaner called Peels Plus. It sells for $7.95 and provides a nontoxic alternative for removing pitch, sawdust and gum deposits.

Once your blades are clean, you could consider storing them in a Forrest Blade Runner® high-impact plastic carrying case ($21). It can accommodate up to ten 10” blades and holds them in place with a threaded steel arbor and two wing nuts. The case features a circular sheath that prevents accidental contact with the teeth. A self-supporting base and carry handle add convenience.

To learn more about these products, call Forrest Manufacturing at 800-733-7111 or contact them through their website at

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