Forsooth, Thy Bench Awaiteth

Lo, why sit thee hence with countenance fallen? Get thee to thy workbench and get thee busy. Neither shalt thou looketh afar for worthy endeavor — but with vigor, of youth or age it matters little, sawdust and joinery will be your meat. For are we not, by virtue of long days practicing or sincere intention, all of us woodworkers? Be it the first day of April or the depth of winter, our compass is true. And long shall we toil, with hand plane or power tool, gouge or awl. Our focus, our avocation, our joy our in completion of the sylvan inspired quest.

Humbly hence then go forth with thy gracious efforts so well and truly displayed. And bestow them on whom thou loveth best.

Optimus faber tignarius, Woodworker’s Journal.

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