Garage Gear and Fish Stories

Garage Gear

Perhaps not surprisingly for hobby woodworkers, many of whom have a special relationship with their garages, the articles in last issue’s eZine about this room – sometimes known as “the shop” – struck a chord. – Editor

“I enjoyed the article about the Gladiator Garage Storage System. It is quite a fantastic system. However, let’s look at the photos. No workbench covered with stuff. Where’s the equipment…no table, radial arm, or band saw, no jointer, no dust collector. And speaking of sawdust, who cleans this garage floor like this? You could eat lunch off this floor! No lumber, cutoffs, or sheet goods stacked anywhere. No power cords or glue spills. Nope, this can’t be a garage. It must be someone’s house, and they pretended it was a garage by knocking out a wall and driving a car inside! This looks better than the showroom at our local Ford dealership.

“Let’s get realistic here. A garage that gets used as a workshop never looks this good because it is a workplace and not necessarily a storage place. If your garage does look like this, you’re not using it and it is just a place to park your BMW.” – Boyd Nordland

“I sure wish I had thought of the garage door murals. They are one of the greatest ideas I have seen in a long time. Living in Phoenix, I would do a mountain snow scene for the hot months or possibly a lovely ocean or lakefront. For the winter, maybe the 19th hole at one of the local golf courses or, better yet, celebrating a hole in one. I’m lucky to do five strokes on a par 3.” – Robert Finley

Fish Stories

We also got quite a bit of response to Rob’s fish story editorial – and his contention that he has a secret fishing spot. – Editor

“I have no problem telling other fishermen where I catch fish and I will even tell you…mostly in the lip.” – Tom Allen

“Too bad you don’t share – I was going to tell where I go and what I use to catch only LM bass over 8 lbs., but you probably aren’t interested in those little ones anyway.” – Bill Deitrick

“I hope your trip to my ‘neck of the woods’ in northern Minnesota was relaxing and rewarded you with plenty of bass and other assorted fish from my backyard. My day job finds me managing the 5th largest national forest, Superior National Forest, host to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We have become the recreation choice for over 5 million recreationists annually. My nights and weekends find me enjoying working with the woods of the boreal forests, whether with my lathe or other forms of woodwork. I hope your home-turned jigs were productive and that our fish were kind to them as well. Safe travels and thanks for your work with the Woodworker’s Journal, I find your tips and plans helpful and fun to work with.” – Jim Sanders

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