Gentlemen (and Ladies) … Start Your Engines!

The woodworking season (for those of you who like to slack off during the summer months) is just about upon us. The kids are heading back to school, the grass is ready to surrender and most of the good tomatoes are off of the vine. For us here at Woodworker’s Journal, that means two things. First, our traveling schedule is about to go into hibernation. In recent months I, or fellow editors Joanna Werch Takes and Larry Stoiaken, have been to New York City to see Porter-Cable and Delta’s latest offerings; South Carolina to check out Ryobi; Florida to get the latest from Craftsman; Chicago to talk about Bosch’s new tools and, of course; Anaheim, California and Chicago (again!) to attend the two big annual woodworking shows.

Second (and by no small coincidence), your eZine is returning to its regular bi-weekly schedule. We’ll adhere to that schedule throughout the woodworking season, with the possible exception of a break for the holidays (I’m still working on that). We’ll need the extra frequency just to get all of you (Wow! We’re now over 150,000 subscribers strong!) the latest news on all the new tools we checked out over the summer!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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