Gift Makers’ Thoughts

In last issue’s eZine, Rob asked about the status of your holiday gift making. Some of you are on top of things. – Editor

“I hate to tell you this, but I am also proud of it.  Due to a video I picked up from your magazine, made by Carter Tools, I got my woodworking gifts done last August.  The video taught me some band saw tricks that I found amazing.  I put them to use and produced my first really nice band saw boxes.  I was amazed just how easy it was and how nice they came out.

“So, my being done early is your fault.  I have to admit I already had the device for the band saw but did not really know how useful it is and just how to use it.  I do now, so I may be turning out more boxes.  I just will not use the same wood again.  I had a large piece of cypress wood that was given to me several years ago.  I was able to make both boxes from the same block of wood.  That will be the only time I will use cypress.  It was one of the most difficult woods I have used due to its oils.

“Here’s to your getting all your projects finished on time and with minimal interruptions: the most important key to having an enjoyable experience.” – Bob Hoyle

“Like you, I treasure making the Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. I have six this year, so I will be busy and have actually already started. Here is the list: Balance Beam; Dragon’s Lair; Stuffed Animal Zoo; Pirate Ship; Pit Box Toy Box; Marble Maze; and a family carving for my daughter-in-law. Nothing like making the Christmas gifts! Thanks for the great articles and news items!” – Michael King

And some, like Rob, may be feeling slightly behind. – Editor

“I feel your pain, brother! I mentioned to my wife – months ago, like last summer – that instead of the little dish she tosses them into she could keep better track of her numerous ear-things by hanging them neatly on an earring chest. It was just a throwaway comment, you know; spoken then forgotten. This past weekend she dug out her holiday jewelry and I received a little hint from her in the form of all her ‘singleton’ earrings lined up on my dresser. I’ve gotta get busy in my little unheated shop now while we still get warm-ish afternoons, or the only thing hanging neatly will be me!” – Phil Gilstrap




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