Going Digital: The Summer Sequel

Rob-Portrait351About a month ago, I notified all of you about the very first ever, super-duper digital issue of the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine. Many of you clicked over, checked it out, and told us what you thought.

As a result of that feedback, the online reader has undergone some improvements — and we are giving all of our eZine subscribers a chance to test out one more full issue for FREE.

This time out, our link is to a Special Interest Publication, all about Weekend Woodworking: quality projects that won’t take you a lifetime to build. (In fact, you should be able to see most of them from start to finish in, well, a weekend.)

This is a “real,” hard copy magazine that you can also buy at your local newsstand — but we’re offering you the chance to experience it all on your computer, just like you were reading a magazine.

If you tried the last digital issue, you’ll be pleased to know that the improvements include things like: no more blurry pages! Better page flips (without even wetting your fingers)! And, the best improvement: many readers will experience much, much faster performance! (Because you want to save your time for those quick, yet classic, woodworking projects, of course.)

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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