Grex GC1850 Cordless Brad Nailer

Grex GC1850 Cordless Brad Nailer

These days, there are lots of brad nailer options that don’t require an air compressor. But the tradeoff for no air hose is that many cordless models will require a rechargeable battery instead — and that adds weight and bulk to the tool.

Grex’s new GC1850 18-gauge Brad Nailer offers a solution to hefty batteries: it’s powered by a fuel cartridge of odorless, compressed gas and two AAA alkaline batteries. The battery type here is an industry first. Trading a bulky rechargeable battery for thin replaceables enables the GC1850 to be comparable in size and weight to most pneumatic nail guns — and smaller than its cordless 18-gauge competition.


Grex reports that the tool will deliver at least 50,000 shots per life cycle of the batteries, and the fuel cartridges will drive 1,300 brads before they are spent. If it will take you a while to shoot that many brads, here’s the good news: the fuel cartridges have no expiration date.

The gun has the power to sink 2-in. brads in 2-in.-thick oak. You can adjust the driving power to suit different woods or countersink depths.

Like other Grex nailers, the GC1850 has a robust all-metal body for durability and heat dissipation. Inside, there’s a self-lubricating piston ring and cylinder that don’t require occasional oiling, and the driver is easy to replace. The tool also has a safety nose with a no-mar tip to protect nailing surfaces. An anti dry-fire lock-out is another measure to safeguard the tool and ensure that every trigger squeeze drives a nail.

“Addressing an age-old concern among trim carpenters and woodworkers, we understood the need for a lightweight, cordless finish nailer. One providing the same benefits as our competition — without sacrificing the ergonomics of an air tool,” says Raymond Wong, Grex’s chief marketing officer. “Our cordless is the first to do both.”

The new Grex GC1850 Cordless Brad Nailer is available now at most Grex retailers and distributors, found through It has a suggested retail price of $499. The fuel cells are sold in four packs for about $25.


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