GuidePRO Band Saw Guide

GuidePRO Band Saw Guide

Applying even and constant pressure to a workpiece when resawing on a band saw can be difficult. Usually, conventional featherboards aren’t tall enough to provide adequate support near the top of a workpiece, and it can be dangerous to apply pressure solely by hand when approaching the end of the cut.

Bow Products, makers of the FeatherPRO featherboard, now offer a convenient new solution called GuidePRO, designed specifically for band saw resawing. It promises a hands-free alternative for smoother infeed, consistent pressure against the rip fence and reduced vibration during cutting — all of which translate to safer, cleaner results.

The device’s plastic handle holds a 6-in. silicone “feather” and attaches to your band saw’s miter slot with a cam-style lock on the bottom. With the cam inserted in the miter slot, a twist secures the jig in the slot. Then, just slide the jig’s handle and feather over against a workpiece; pressing a thumb lever on top locks GuidePRO into place and sets the amount of featherboard pressure for the cut.

The replaceable flexible feather dampens vibration and provides consistent pressure along the leading edge of the workpiece, while also accommodating small variations in the workpiece’s surface or thickness. Once installed and locked about 1/4 in. in front of the blade, GuidePRO provides all the necessary force against the fence so you can use both hands for feeding the wood into the blade. The jig’s ergonomic handle offers comfortable control for setting the feather pressure.

A measuring tool is incorporated into GuidePRO’s metal base, which will be handy for registering the fence’s distance from the blade. Its square ends also provide quick reference for making sure the fence is square to the saw table. GuidePRO fits 3/8 x 3/4-in. miter slots that range from 2 to 8 in. from the blade.

GuidePRO will support boards up to 6 in. wide, or an optional 4-in. extension can be added on top of the handle to accommodate up to 10-in.-wide stock. Bow Products GuidePRO (item GP5) is available now and sells for $79.99 ($103 Canadian). The optional extension is $19.99 ($25.69 Canadian).

Watch a demonstration video of GuidePRO in action by clicking here.

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