Hair Bandy

Hair Bandy

If you’ve looked at our Tricks of the Trade department recently, you know that woodworkers are known for putting things to, shall we say, extraneous uses – things that were not their original intended purpose. (We will avert our eyes from some of the submissions related to cordless drills.)

So, it was only a matter of time before the extremely versatile Rockler Bandy Clamp found its way into yet another application. Now that the Bandy Clamp comes in three different sizes – Small, Medium and Large (in an example of innovative nomenclature) – it’s proved itself the perfect workshop accessory for teen and tween woodworkers (or woodworkers’ daughters). And we mean “accessory” in all senses of the word.


The royal blue colored clamp makes a fashion statement all its own, while simultaneously keeping hair out of power tools. That proprietary rubber band with its tough, tear-resistant material can hold up to any hairstyle – plus, it conforms to any shape. Ponytails, pigtails … unicorn horn hair, anyone? The possibilities are endless.




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