Hall Tree

Hall Tree

Hall Tree for Bill III: The center of the Hall Tree (the light part) was made from Grapefruit wood and the darker part is inlaid Walnut and the legs and top are solid Walnut.

A cherry stain was applied to the entire Hall Tree and was finished with Sam Maloof’s Ploy/Oil and Oil/Wax. The Grapefruit wood came from a 100 year old orchard that was cut down to plant a newer type of grapefruit. One of our neighbors owns the orchard and he said his Grandfather had planted it originally. I asked if he could put aside 9 large trees for me. There is a Conservation Camp about 8 miles up the road, that has a saw mill and they picked up the 9 trees and sawed them into lumber for me.

After air drying it for a couple of years, it made for some beautiful hardwood. It is yellow in color when finished and finished beautifully. However, yellow or white washed wood went out with the 60’s, thus, nobody wants anything made from this beautiful wood.

– Bill Wolf

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