Hand Saw Sharpening Kit

Hand Saw Sharpening Kit

I live in Arizona and my brother, who is 13 years younger than me, still lives on part of our old family farm in northeastern Ohio. He and I both do hobby woodworking. His 59th birthday was coming up and I wanted to create a special gift for him. I had come into possession of a set of tools for sharpening hand saws. I had an old solid oak church pew that I cut up and built this box to hold the sharpening equipment. I used the square box joints to put the piece together. I made the tool hold downs out of oak also and included a hand saw. I neglected to take pictures of the assembly process. With my daughters help I also made a home video on how to use the equipment to sharpen a saw.

My brother was delighted with the present. One of our uncles was a master barn builder in the days when there were no power tools and everything was done by hand.

– Paul Diemer
Chino Valley, AZ

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