Happy Valentine’s Day!

What could be better than a day that celebrates love? How about a day that celebrates love and you get to eat a bunch of candy as well? That is a great day!

Now, I admit that, previously, I did not know much about St. Valentine himself … who was he, what did he do? Well, even now after reading through an online encyclopedia I confess that I don’t know much more. He was apparently a priest or some sort of religious fellow who was killed for his faith on the 14th of February. Which really associates him more closely with the gangland killing in 1929 also connected with the day than with some mushy, huggy-kissy holiday … but as usual, I digress.

However it got started, I think that any day that can help us be grateful for those we love is a wonderful thing. So have a wonderful day, appreciate those you love and who love you. (And it is OK if you eat a little chocolate, too!)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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