More Hardware Store Stories

In last issue’s Feedback section, we heard both from readers whose projects have required multiple trips to the hardware store, and from hardware store employees who have seen them come in. And come back. Again. This week, we have a couple more stories to share on this subject. – Editor

“I worked at Rockler for about six or eight months, typically just weekends and usually only Saturday. A gentleman come in on Saturday looking for a specific color of stain. I was opening cans of stain, dipping my finger in and smearing it on a piece of scrap so that he could see the actual color. We found the right color. That night I was using lacquer thinner to clean the stain off six of my fingers.

“On Sunday afternoon, a woman comes in with the gentleman trailing behind. She slams the can of stain on the counter saying it is the wrong color. I told her that it wasn’t a problem and to select the color that she wanted. I put the can of stain with the receipt aside and continued checking out other customers. In 15 minutes or so the woman comes back with the gentleman in tow. I was busy, so another and more experienced employee helped them. I told the coworker that it was an exchange while pointing to the returned can.

“The coworker did the exchange. The coworker then inquired as to the problem, explaining that he had to tell the manufacturer the reason for the return. The woman growled, ‘It’s the wrong color!’ The coworker, without thinking, said, ‘But that is the same color.’ pointing to the old can. The woman snatches the old can of stain and storms out of the store. While the coworker and I were trying not to laugh, the gentleman mouthed the words, ‘Thank you.’” – Rich Flynn

“After reading what others have admitted to doing, I’m not so embarrassed to share how I handle plumbing repairs. When we have a malfunction,I take a picture of everything under the sink, go to the store, and purchase three of everything I see under there. Usually by the time I’ve screwed up the repair twice, the third piece goes in properly. I simply return the stuff I didn’t use or put it with the other purchases from before that I haven’t gotten around to returning. If, after the third try it doesn’t work, it’s time to call a professional like my wife wanted me to do in the first place.” – Dave Beard

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