Harvey Turbo T40 Wood Lathe

Harvey Turbo T40 Wood Lathe

Harvey Industries, a manufacturer of woodworking machinery sold in 105 countries, has entered the U.S. market with the Turbo T40 — a lathe designed for woodturners who simply don’t have the space for a large floor lathe but refuse to sacrifice full-size lathe capabilities.

The T40 Turbo Lathe has features you won’t find on other benchtop lathes. For example, a variable-speed, 1hp industrial servo motor system serves as the spindle drive: it senses resistance to torque being applied to the motor during turning operations, then increases or decreases torque in response. The process takes just two milliseconds — about 100 times faster than comparable lathes, Harvey reports — so you always have the power you need when you need it. The machine has two speed ranges: 50 to 2,800 or 75 to 4,300 RPM, and a digital readout will help you monitor the precise speed being used. The spindle spins in two directions.

This lathe features a 12-in. tool-rest and a 14-in. swing over bed, and it offers 24 inches between centers. Its spindle is equipped with 24 indexing positions and a quick-stop feature. Made with premium grade, precision-ground castings and outfitted with oversized ball bearings, this 178-lb. lathe is built for solid performance with minimal vibration. The headstock swivels 90 degrees, making it easier to turn large-diameter pieces.

The New Harvey Turbo T40 Wood Lathe sells for $2,790. Optional accessories include a tool-rest support for outboard turning ($199), an 18-in. bed extension ($329) and a cast-iron leg set ($549). Learn more about the T40 and watch an overview video by clicking here.

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