Help us Celebrate 25 years of the Woodworker’s Journal

What a well-read crowd of subscribers! Last Zine I asked for your favorite woodworking books. Your over-all favorite? “The Impractical Cabinetmaker”, by James Krenov. It’s interesting to me that Krenov’s book, published almost 25 years ago, continues to rate at the head of the pack.

Woodworker’s Journal print magazine is about to celebrate our own 25th anniversary and the question “What changes have the last 25 years brought us in woodworking”, has been much discussed around here. So how has it been for you? Your responses will be most appreciated (and may be published in the print version of our magazine -please include your city, state). I’m really interested in hearing from you old-timers and especially curious to hear from any of you who have had a long-term relationship with Woodworker’s Journal magazine. Think about your entire woodworking experience. What tools have had the most impact? Which furniture designs have interested you over the years? How has your shop changed with time and which magazines have helped you along the way?

We’re gearing up for a party, and you’re invited!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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