Hidden Compartment Box

Hidden Compartment Box

I have an 11 year old grand daughter and grand niece, and I thought they could use a nice trinket box. But a box is just a box. But a box with a (sort of) secret drawer is a special box.

Pressing the button on the left side of the top edge releases the drawer which pops out about half an inch because of a back wall spring. The tricky part, at least for me, was the releasing mechanism.

I used two pieces of 1/4 inch oak veneered MDF board with matching cut outs for the face side. A concealed spring holds the plunger up and, yes, you guessed right, a modified Popsicle stick for the lever. I also added a cross pin on the plunger, not shown, so it can’t be removed. These boxes will be sent for Christmas gifts and I hope they enjoy them. Oh, the part shown was my test pieces and not used for the finished boxes.

– Don Radke

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