Hitachi 10-in. Jobsite Table Saw with Fold & Roll Stand

Hitachi 10-in. Jobsite Table Saw with Fold & Roll Stand

Adding to its woodworking product line, Hitachi’s new 10-in. Jobsite Table Saw with Fold & Roll Stand (model C10RJ) features a powerful direct-drive universal motor (15 Amp) with soft start that reduces noise and recoil at startup. It also has an electric brake that stops the blade within seconds, plus a knee-height power switch for added safety. The blade spins at 4,500 RPM to help cut tough hardwoods or other construction lumber. Overload protection automatically shuts off the saw when needed to prevent damaging the motor. A riving knife ensures that rip cuts won’t bind the blade and invite kickback hazards.

The C10RJ Table Saw’s table measures 28-3/4 in. x 22 in. with an additional telescoping outfeed support. When set up on the right, the extension provides up to 35 in. of rip capacity or 22 in. when it’s installed on the left side. A 40-tooth, 10-in. carbide-tipped blade gives the saw up to 3-1/8 in. of cutting height with the blade set at 0° or 2-1/4 in. with the blade tipped to a 45° bevel. Both the bevel scale and bevel height adjustment knobs are situated on the front of the saw cabinet for easy access and viewing. In back, there’s a 2-1/2-in. dust port for connecting to a shop vacuum.

To help improve crosscutting accuracy, the C10RJ’s miter gauge has a 3/4-in. T-slotted bar and features a large scale with positive stops at 0, 15, 30, 45, and 60 degrees to the left and right. The machine is designed to accept an 8-in.-dia. dado blade up to 13/16 in. wide for cutting dadoes, grooves, rabbets and other joinery.

Hitachi’s sturdy Fold & Roll stand sets up easily and provides a stable platform for sawing. It has 8-in. rubber all-terrain treaded wheels to transport the 96 lb. saw around a jobsite or shop. On-board storage for the push stick, blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, power cord and other accessories keeps everything you’ll need for sawing close at hand.

Hitachi’s C10RJ Jobsite Saw with Fold & Roll Stand will sell for $479.99 and comes with a 2-year warranty. It will be available for purchase beginning March 31.

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