Hitachi EC99S Professional Twin Stack Air Compressor

Hitachi EC99S Professional Twin Stack Air Compressor

Contractors, DIYers and woodworkers looking for a lightweight (52.9 lbs.) air compressor with pro-quality features may find the right machine for their needs in Hitachi’s new EC99S model. It has an oil-lubricated, cast-iron pump that’s driven by a 15-amp, direct drive induction motor, for quieter and longer-lasting performance than universal-motor options. The motor has thermal overload protection, which stops the compressor automatically if it overheats.

Its pump and twin two-gallon tanks deliver 3.1 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air at 90 psi and 3.05 cfm at 100 psi. The locking regulator ensures a constant supply of compressed air, cycling the compressor on at 105 psi and off at 135 psi. That means no incidences of pressure-starved tools during use. Hitachi says the EC99S can run multiple nail guns simultaneously, depending on the applications.

This compressor’s air gauges are encased in steel for better durability, and a ball valve drain cock on each tank make for quick, easy draining. The machine has a protected pressure switch and a factory installed universal quick coupler for plug and play functionality. Rubber shock-absorbing feet reduce vibration and help the EC99S stay put during operation.

A bottle of synthetic oil and an oil dipstick are packaged with the machine. It retails for around $200. Learn more about Hitachi’s EC99S Professional Twin Stack Air Compressor by clicking here.


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