Hitachi SV13YA: Sanding Ease

Hitachi SV13YA: Sanding Ease

Sanding. Ya gotta do it — so why not make it as easy on yourself as possible? That’s what you’ll get with the Hitachi SV13YA 5″ random orbit sander.

Your hand grips a soft, elastomer material which covers the SV13YA, which results in reduced vibration, a comfortable hold and reduced slippage — all things to make it easier on you. It’s an ergonomically designed grip, too.

Dust gets under control with both an integrated dust collection bag, its dust resistant ball bearing construction and sealed switch. The bag keeps the dust down in your shop (and your lungs) and extends the life of the sanding paper, while sealing the switch keeps the dust down within the sander itself, prolonging the life of the tool.

A 230-watt, 2-amp motor contributes to the 7,000 to 12,000 rpm speed for sanding large surfaces.

The SV13YA comes with five pieces of 5″ sanding paper and a dust bag. If you don’t want variable speed, it’s also available in a single speed version. The variable speed has a street price of around $70. For more info, visit

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