Holiday Gifts: Still in the Concept Stage

Holiday Gifts: Still in the Concept Stage

In last week’s issue, Rob talked about how this year’s holiday gifts from the workshop exist more in a concept stage than reality. It seems that some can relate. – Editor

“I understand completely. In October, I had all kinds of ideas, but then November hit [and] the temperature dropped to the point it was too cold to work in the shop. Maybe next year I’ll start in July.” – Walter Hayes

“I have promised many a project to various family members. Whenever they remind me of them, I flip out my phone and show them my retirement countdown timer.” – Lee Ohmart

“Boy am I slow! I finally caught on to the ‘river in Egypt.’ I love a good pun. You have now motivated me to get back in the shop and finish those projects I’ve (almost) started.” – Ed Amsbury

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