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Homestead Heritage

Homestead Heritage

“Thanks for the article on Homestead Heritage. Could you share the names of the 10 tools and three joints?” – Dan Stout

Paul’s “ten tools” are: tape measure, chisels, saw, mallet, plane, combination gauge, square, layout knife, pencil and router plane. The three joints are dado, dovetail and mortise and tenon. – Editor

Less Mess Dust Collector

“Regarding the ‘less-mess dust collector,’ although it does a great job of keeping the shop neat, fine airborne dust still escapes the machine around the blade and motor. The suction from a vacuum type collector pulls in airborne dust.” – Bill Marshall

We agree that ideally, a powered dust collector, properly set up, is better at collecting airborne dust, but for those not yet willing to take that sometimes costly plunge, this is a great alternative, even if only a temporary one. It is also remarkably handy for those who take their contractor’s saws on job sites. – Editor

Musical Blast From the Past

Several issues ago, we included an off-topic video link of a young man playing an astonishing version of “Pachelbel’s Canon” on the electric guitar. It got quite a bit of feedback from our readers, but what was missing, not only to us but to everyone, was an identification of this mystery master. Recently, a writer for the New York Times did some digging and discovered that the player is Jeong-Hyun Lim, a 23-year-old Korean who taught himself guitar over the course of six years. If anything, that leaves us even more impressed. – Editor

Shaving Horse

“The question about building a shaving horse reminded me that just last weekend I saw Roy Underhill make one on his Woodwright’s Shop show on PBS.” – Dan Moran

Quite right. That episode, number 2401, was the first one from Roy’s 2004 season, which was his 24th year on the air. – Editor

The School in Rose Valley

“It was a real joy reading about the School in Rose Valley. It brought back memories of my beginnings with wood. My dad was a great teacher for my brothers and me. We built pushcarts and treehouses, and he was always there when we needed help. He let us help him remodel our first basement while we were in grade school. As with the children in your article, we learned far more than which end of the hammer to hold. Now here I am 30 years later, after a career in engineering, with my own custom woodworking shop. The joy is still the same as when I was a child. The smell of the wood, texture of the sawdust, variation in grains and knots all still generate a wondrous delight. The families who have been touched by this small school in Pennsylvania are fortunate indeed. Thanks for the memories.” – Bob Chesley

“The article about The School at Rose Valley is undoubtedly the best one I have seen in the time I have been reading your online magazine. Keep up the good work.” – Rob Slone

“Mike Nowell is on the right track in returning our schools to institutes of education versus babysitting. Hardly any child in America today has a lick of common sense or the ability to do something as simple as nailing two boards together.” – John Fuselier

That’s a bit harsh, is it not? Our own kids have loads of common sense and quite a bit of ability in many things, including the practical. We laud Rose Valley, but we suspect even our forebears learned common sense and practical abilities at home, as did our children. – Editor


“I have tried this new wood filler, and your description fits it to a ‘T’.” I have never been so happy with a wood filler.” – Dan Erlewine

We’re glad he liked the filler, and pleased we were able to bring it to his attention, but for those not familiar with his name, Dan is not your average hobby woodworker. He is generally regarded as the premier stringed instrument repair expert in the United States, and is the author of the most popular, best-selling and, in my opinion, flat-out best book ever written on the subject of guitar repair. – Michael Dresdner

Typo Corner

Our ever popular typo corner showcases our collective finger foibles and keyboard kinks. This one came in as part of a finishing question. – Editor

“I have a new slay bed I purchased for my bedroom.”

We’re guessing you bought it from either Freddie Krueger or Norman Bates. – Editor

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