Honey Dipper Reviews

Honey Dipper Reviews

Last week Rob shared our staff’s Honey Dipper Turning Challenge and a video documenting the admittedly zany process. Several of you have written in with thoughts about that and which honey dipper “rules them all,” as it were. – Editor

“Rob, it would not be fair for me to vote for your dipper, or Nick’s or Chris’s or Jeff’s, without trying each of them first. Please send samples and I will report back.” – Ed Colaianni

“I love it! (The competition, that is.) One caveat: Isn’t the judging to be left to the ultimate users? Where are the significant others who will be ultimately graced with using (and cleaning up after) these? Aren’t they the ultimate judges? I like the designs.” – RileyG

“I would have to vote for Nick’s as first place. I like the articulate work in the vase. Chris as second place, Rob third place and Jeff for fourth place. Sorry Rob.” – Tim Lange

“Nick’s segmented turning with the hexagonal pieces was very impressive and I know that the glue-up was a chore. But I vote for yours Rob, mainly because I do not care for the ‘plastic’ handles on the other dipper examples or in woodworking projects generally. I have done an inside-out turning and appreciate what you did with your honey dipper holder.” – Charles Buster

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