Hoping for a Different Result

Hoping for a Different Result

In the last issue, we asked if you, like Joanna’s dog, have engaged in repeated actions hoping for a different outcome. – Editor

“Every time I start a project with a set of plans, I expect a different result: namely, that everything will come out as specified. It doesn’t, but when I finally get it sorted out and I fire off a letter to the Pope that there’s been another miracle in Worcester, I get no response. That result is always the same.” – Jeff Kelly

And, yes, it is even colder this week – but we seem to be getting no sympathy. – Editor

“Here, in Moffat, Colorado, we’ve had several minus 20 mornings and some snow almost every day– so it’s not going away anytime soon!  *Grin* – dueling cold weather reports!” – Bob Adler

But we did get some responses to warm our hearts. – Editor

“I really enjoy your weekly Journal updates. I learn so much from you and get motivated to get back into my workshop. Thank you for your efforts and fine magazine.” – Michael Moore

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