A Hot Topic?

A Hot Topic?

Still a Heated Discussion

After eZine 275, we received some followup to the followup in that issue’s Feedback section on the Trick of the Trade from Issue 274 regarding preventing a router bit from bottoming out when the chuck is tightened – and its relation to heat transfer. – Editor

“Actually, the first contributor was more correct than Mr Tanner. Where the head and the shaft of a router bit are joined, there is a radiused fillet caused by the brazing of the head to the shaft. If the bit is allowed to drop all the way into the collet, the collet then tries to tighten on that fillet. You think it’s tight and then, when you start the router, the bit shifts from this tenuous hold and becomes loose. You raise the bit to get the fillet above the collet so you tighten totally on the shaft. Mr Tanner’s thoughts may have some truth about heat dissipation, but it is not the main reason for raising the bit above the collet end.” – George Summers

You can also check out more “hot” discussions in the comments sections of the various eZine departments. – Editor

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