How Big is Your Shop?

Rob-Portrait351I know that is kind of a personal question … but the reason I ask may not be what you are thinking. It struck me recently that, when I got started in woodworking, it was really important to have a few good-sized stationary tools to be productive. Table saw, planer, jointer and usually a shaper, just to name a few. (As you know, that was so long ago that Noah was sharing a shop with me.) But these days, smaller benchtop tools have grown in quality and tools like track saws have further reduced that need for stationary tools. And I can do almost anything I did with a shaper on my router table.

So my question is this — have you taken advantage of these types of tools to downsize your shop while still doing high quality work? It is something I am thinking about but could really use your advice.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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