How Much Web in Your Woodworking?

I’ve got a question…How much of your woodworking information do you get from the Internet? Personally, I tend to surf the web for one main reason… I’m an instant gratification kinda guy.

The Internet, I always imagine, offers tons of great information a short mouse click away. Then reality sets in and I find that actually getting good information can be a bit tricky. (Particularly for a guy as easily distracted as I am — Patagonian ritual stick carving? I just have to read about that!)

So, (and here’s where it becomes clear that I have more than one question) how do you use the web to take care of your woodworking information fix? Is it your main source of info, or do you just surf and scan? Do you read non-electronic magazines, (hint, hint) like the Woodworker’s Journal and then visit specific, suggested web sites? Do you use the web to shop for tools? If so, do you buy them online or do you just use the web to do a bit of research?

Let me know. It will help me make the eZine better and satisfy my overactive curiosity. (Which reminds me … that ritual stick carving thing was a bomb.)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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