I Am Stumped!

Have you ever heard the joke: How do you carve an elephant? Get yourself a piece of wood, then carve away everything that does not look like an elephant … you’ve got a statue of an elephant! (I did not say it was a good joke.)

Let me say that woodcarving is something I’ve only done because I’ve had to. My desire to carve is nonexistent. My skill at carving is rudimentary at best. Those things combined are not a recipe for success.

But recently, I was provided with three power-carving tools that attach to an angle grinder. Suddenly, my desire to carve stuff has become pretty extreme. I have no power-carved items that I would share in a photo just yet … but that will change soon. So far, I have just been experimenting, but I feel that I am on the precipice of something awesome (even if it is only awesome in my own mind).

So now I can take a log, or a stump, or tree limb, and just start making woodchips.
Yeah, baby!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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