ILLUMiDOME Waterproof Lantern

ILLUMiDOME Waterproof Lantern

As warmer weather approaches, your summer season may include trips to the cabin, camping and other outdoor activities that require supplemental light at night – plus, many of us have those corners in the shop that could use a little extra illumination. And we all need extra light when working inside a cabinet or dark shed. Summer also brings storms and potential power outages, when battery-powered lights become essential. For these sorts of situations and more, Striker Hand Tools has a versatile new lighting solution that might replace your traditional lantern altogether and serve a multitude of lighting needs.

The ILLUMiDOME Mini Waterproof Lantern delivers 220 lumens of wide-angle light from its 1-watt LED bulb. The illumination output can be controlled through low, medium and high settings, plus a fourth option of a rapid blinking hazard light.

What makes this small lantern unique is its dual light output design. A twist-lock removable reflector creates a traditional lantern-style light array when the reflector is positioned at the top of the dome. In “lantern” mode, the light’s dome also erases the shadows created by traditional lantern light output. If more focused light is needed, however, removing the reflector changes the light array to a full-area dome light with the light projecting out the top of the lantern as well.

ILLUMiDOME can be positioned three ways: it can simply rest on its base, be hung from a removable hook-and-loop strap on top or be inverted and hung from a pair of metal hooks that pop up and out of the base. So, whether you need it to sit on a dark shelf in the shed, hang from a tent pole or under the hood of your car for a night repair, this lantern is well-suited for the task. Durability is also assured: the base is made of ABS plastic and the dome is a thick polycarbonate lens.

ILLUMiDOME is both waterproof and floats, so it’s suitable for boating, rainy weather or even as a pool accent light. The lantern measures 4-in. in diameter and stands 2.8 in. tall. It runs on three AA batteries that are included. ILLUMiDOME is available now for $24.99 through Striker’s online store.


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