Immersed in Tool Talk

Rob-Portrait351I always think Woodworker’s Journal is pretty cool, and I was really reminded of that at this month’s big trade show, the AWFS in Las Vegas, Nevada. Woodworker’s Journal had two crews of reporters combing the floors of the convention center – where it was much cooler than the outdoor temps of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and where they produced videos to introduce you to all the latest, greatest and, yes, coolest tools.

You see, Woodworker’s Journal had the official blog for this biggest woodworking trade show of the year. Our reporters not only wrote about those cool tools, but also shot videos of them. Are you feeling left out if you missed it? Have no fear! All the entries are still up and available on the blog, which you can get to by clicking here.

And, in the tradition of all those previews you see before summer movie blockbusters, we’ve also incorporated some of our reports from the show into this issue of the eZine: read one in our Tool Preview section, and check out the videos in our What’s in Store and Free Plans section. I think you’ll enjoy all the cool tools presented by the cool crew from Woodworker’s Journal.

Rob Johnstone

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