INCRA Miter V120: A Miter Gauge for Any Tool

INCRA Miter V120: A Miter Gauge for Any Tool

Small shop? Small tools? Want a miter gauge? Incra’s Miter V120 is built for just such circumstances. The adjustable miter bar fits in square-sided slots three-quarter-inch wide, three-eighths-inch deep, with or without a fifteen-sixteeenths wide T-slot at the bottom. This means it fits not only on your table saw, but on your router table, or your band saw, or your disc sander, too.

Four GlideLock adjustment points, accessible from the top rather than the side, are what help the V120 fit into the standard miter slot on that variety of machines, and it also includes a removable T-slot retaining clip (for those tools with miter channels without a T-slot).


The V120 is made of all-steel consruction, with 120 (gee, I wonder where they got the name?) angle stops laser cut into the steel protractor. There’s a stop at every whole degree and two special stops at 22 and one-half degrees.

You can upgrade the v120 at any time by adding any IncraLOCK miter gauge fence and stop. Buying the basic unit will cost you $84.95. Find out more at

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