Infinity Tools VRS-100 Vertical Router Sled

Infinity Tools VRS-100 Vertical Router Sled

Sometimes it’s necessary to stand narrow workpieces up against a fence when routing them, but how do you prevent them from rocking back and forth as they’re slid along the table? And, more importantly, how do you keep your hands out of harm’s way? Infinity Tools’ Vertical Router Sled can solve both dilemmas. Made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic, with machined aluminum right-angle brackets, the sled has a pair of clamping bars that can hold workpieces up to 8-1/8-in. wide at 90 degrees. The clamping bars can be swiveled to hold workpieces at miter angles too, up to 45 degrees. At maximum tilt, they’ll hold 2-7/8-in.-wide workpieces.

The sled comes with an adjustable toggle clamp to secure workpieces up to 1-in. thick. Two handles make the base easier to control safely. An adjustable foot forms a second point of contact between the sled’s vertical fence and the router table fence to keep it tracking consistently when a narrow workpiece is installed.

The VRS-100 Vertical Router Sled from Infinity Cutting Tools sells for $139.90. To learn more and see a video of it in action, click here.


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