Infinity Zero Clearance Throatplates for DeWALT, Festool Miter Saws

Infinity Zero Clearance Throatplates for DeWALT, Festool Miter Saws

While miter saws are capable of great cutting accuracy, their throatplates in the saw table often have too large a gap to prevent tearout from happening along the bottom edge of a cut. And, many saws’ standard throatplates are only minimally adjustable to close up this oversized gap.

Infinity Cutting Tools has a better solution if you own a 10- or 12-in. DeWALT miter saw or a Festool Kapex. Their new replacement Zero Clearance Inserts reduce the gap to just the saw’s blade kerf, similar to zero clearance throatplates on table saws, to help ensure that cuts are accurate and splinter-free. They’ll also prevent thin offcuts from falling down into the throatplate gap where they can bind against the blade and lead to a kickback.

The throatplate is made of CNC-machined aluminum and drilled for the saw table’s attachment screws. It’s anodized red for durability and as a general reminder of the danger around a saw blade. In the center, replaceable inserts slide into dovetailed guides in the throatplate to hold them securely and make them easy to remove.


Currently, Infinity makes Zero Clearance Inserts to fit the following DeWALT models: 10- and 12-in. non-sliding saws, DWS708, DW718, DWS780, and DWS782. The company also makes a Zero Clearance Throatplate for Festool KS120 Kapex sliding miter saws.

The throatplate comes with one insert and sells for $39.90, $49.90 or $59.90, depending on the saw model. Two-pack replacement inserts are available for all the throatplate variations and sell for $9.90.

Learn more about Zero Clearance Throatplates for DeWALT saws by clicking here. To read about the Festool Kapex Zero Clearance Throatplate, click here.



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