Intarsia Dog Portraits

Intarsia Dog Portraits

These are two custom intarsia collies I made for a family that rescues collies. They usually have 10 at any given time.

Spirit is the first custom collie I made for them. She’s the blue merle. Some of the woods include blue pine, buckeye burl, western red cedar, ebony, aspen and butternut.

Miejek is the sable and white. It was quite a challenge to give the impression of her windswept fur as she stood looking out to the ocean. Some of the woods I used in this piece are western red cedar, aspen, butternut, buckeye burl, blue pine and ebony.

Both are original designs I created from photographs provided by the dog’s owners. Each stands about 31″ tall and are about life size. My next custom projects include several different cats. The calico should be a real challenge!

– Janette Square
Eugene, OR

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