JET® 15-in. Planers

JET® 15-in. Planers

A pair of new 15-in. planers from JET — one with a helical cutterhead (model JWP-15BHH) and one with straight knives (model JWP-15B) — feature an innovative Precision Air Strut System (PASS). PASS uses dual, heavy-duty gas struts to support the cutterhead with upward pressure on each side, preventing it from dropping and causing board snipe.

The cutterhead on the helical model is equipped with 48, four-sided, carbide-tipped blade inserts for a superior finish and quiet cut. The straight-knife planer’s cutterhead has three high-speed steel blades for clean, efficient cutting.

These rugged machines have precision-ground, cast-iron tables, four-post design and closed steel bases to provide maximum control and support during planing. The Helical Head planer is equipped with cast-iron infeed/outfeed tables. The Straight Knife Planer has steel infeed/outfeed tables that fold up to help save shop space when the tool is not in use.

A 3hp, single-phase, 230-volt motor with V-belt transmission drives each machine to reduce vibration and running noise. They are controlled by an easy-to-access magnetic switch, which has a green safety light that illuminates when the planer is powered.

Both planers operate at a cutterhead speed of 5,200 RPM. A two-speed gear box provides dual material feed rates of 16 feet per minute (fpm) for a smooth finish when cutting harder woods and 20 fpm for faster dimensioning. You can shift between feed rates on the fly using a push-pull knob.

A large, top-positioned hand wheel with positive gear drive allows for quick and accurate table adjustments. One revolution of the hand wheel adjusts the cutting height by 1/16 in. Offering a 1/8-in. maximum cutting depth, the planers will surface workpieces up to 6 in. thick and 15 in. wide.

Each machine has a 4-in.-dia. dust port, located at the top/back, which is angled to direct the dust hose out of the way for easy connection to a shop’s dust collection system. JET recommends using a dust collector that’s rated for at least 400 cubic feet per minute of air draw or more.

The new JWP-15BHH 15-in. Helical Head Planer sells for $2,599.99. JET’s JWP-15B 15-in. Straight Knife Planer is priced at $1,699.99. They are covered by a 5-year warranty as well as JET’s RED Assurance, the industry’s most dependable service and support guarantee program.

To see the planers in action, click here.

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