JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw

JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw

Scroll saws offer curve-cutting capability and accuracy that’s hard to match by any other woodworking power saw, but on some models, there’s a downside: blade changes can be a hassle. The thin, small blades can be difficult to install in the fixed upper and lower mounts, and this process may even require tools. The tables on many scroll saws also lack a through-slot, so blades must be fed up through the center throatplate opening before they can be connected to one of the blade mounts. That can make changing blades, or starting cuts from a drilled hole, even more difficult.

JET hopes to break these blade-swapping barriers with its new JWSS-22 Scroll Saw. Its upper blade-changing mechanism both clamps and tensions pinless scroll saw blades in a single, cam-lever action. No tools or other clamping elements are required. It’s an innovative feature only available on this scroll saw, JET says.

Further, the removable lower blade holder grips the blade with a single wing-type knob. A storage rack on the machine has a built-in wrench that makes it fast and easy to install this lower blade holder on the blade. Once it’s installed, just slip the lower blade holder into place on the saw without tools, and secure the upper end of the blade in the top cam mechanism. You can mount other blades on additional lower blade holders (sold separately) and stow them, pre-loaded, in slots on the saw’s built-in storage rack.

“Our focus is on the user and their passion for scroll sawing. So we were determined to design the most innovative and efficient scroll saw on the market. Our blade change system is just one of the many features that bring a better experience to the user,” says Katie Davidson, JET’s Product Manager.

Among those other features, the JWSS-22 has a 12-7/8- x 23-in. cast-iron table to improve stability during sawing and help minimize vibration. A front slot in the table will make blade changes even easier — no need to thread them up through a throatplate hole.

This saw’s tilt-up, spring-loaded arm offers 22-in. of throat capacity and 2-in. of cutting depth for managing larger workpieces, and it tilts 40 degrees left and 45 degrees right for making bevel cuts. The saw table remains stationary and level to ensure optimal workpiece and cutting control.

A 1.3-amp (50-watt) induction motor powers the saw. You can change its variable speed capacity up or down between 400 and 1,550 strokes per minute with a dial on top. The saw delivers a 3/4-in. stroke length.

For cleaner cutting, the JWSS-22 has built-in dust collection, too. A removable 1-1/2-in.-dia. dust port connects to a custom-fit tray beneath the table and collects dust and chips at the source. There’s also an articulating dust blower to clear the blade area of tabletop dust and help improve cutline visibility.

JET sells the saw in two configurations: as a kit, which includes the saw, steel stand and a foot switch, for $989.99; or you can buy just the saw and foot switch for $899.99. A set of three lower blade holders (item 727201) is also available as an accessory for $19.99.

JET covers your saw purchase with a 5-year warranty as well as its RED Assurance™ service and support guarantee.

Learn more about JET’s new JWSS-22 Scroll Saw, and locate your nearest JET dealer, by visiting To see a video of the saw in action, click here.


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