JET® Router Table

JET® Router Table

JET’s new Router Table system can be purchased with either a cast-iron or MDF table top, and it includes a precision router lift, split fence with featherboard and flip stop add-ons, an easily transportable rolling stand and multiple dust collection features. All of these components are also sold separately, so that users can mix and match them to assemble the router table solution that best fits their woodshops.

Both table tops have a 24- x 32-in. footprint to support a wide range of workpieces. The precision-machined, cast-iron table weighs 88 lbs., and it provides maximum rigidity and flatness for all routing applications. The lighter-weight MDF table is melamine-topped for smoothness and durability, but at a lower price.

JET’s milled aluminum router lift has above-the-table height and lock controls for convenient tool adjustments and changes. One turn of the dials raises or lowers the lift 2mm at a time. The lift’s sturdy, four-post screw design with chain drive keeps tolerances tight and rigid.

A micro-adjust fence assembly includes easy-to-read guide rails that allow users to dial-in the exact fence position they need, or to replicate this setting when necessary. There’s also a scale on top of the fence for locating stop blocks. Split fence facings make it possible to use the fence with various bit diameters, and an integrated dust port helps clear dust and chips at the source of the cut. You can customize the fence by adding optional flip stops and featherboards for pressing workpieces down against the table during use.

The heavy-duty, steel floor stand has an integrated mobile base and onboard accessory storage. A power switch attaches to the stand’s legs, allowing the operator to control the router without reaching under the table. A miter gauge also is included.

In addition to dust collection at the fence, JET also provides an enclosed dust box that surrounds the router. Its all-metal construction with air flow vents ensures maximum dust collection and containment, as well as durability. The dust box is equipped with a standard 4-in. port for connecting to a dust collector hose.

JET’s Router Table system with Cast-Iron Table Kit (model 737000CK) sells for $1,399.99. Or choose the MDF Table Kit (model 737000WK), which is priced at $1,099.99. The JET Router Table is covered by a 5-year warranty and the JET Red Assurance program, representing outstanding service and technical support.

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