JET’s Closed Stand Jointer: Long Bed Offers Wood-Cutting Capacity

JET’s Closed Stand Jointer: Long Bed Offers Wood-Cutting Capacity

The ability to straighten and remove twist from lumber is so important to woodworking. And while you can achieve those tasks with a hand plane and some elbow grease, a good quality jointer can really speed up the job. But, while some jointers seemed designed to remind you that these are really a difficult tasks, the new JET jointer seems to have just the opposite goal.

JET’s new 6″ Closed Stand Jointer has several features designed to make woodcutting easier, including exclusive front-mounted table adjustment handwheels. The infeed and outfeed tables are also fully adjustable for height preferences, while the two-way tilting fence has positive stops at 45° and 90° for cutting bevels.


In addition to the adjustment options, the 6″ Closed Stand Jointer’s other built-in features include a rabbeting ledge for cutting up to 1/2″ rabbets, a dust chute with a 4″ port and an extra-long (56″) cast-iron table. The motor is 1 HP, while three high-speed steel knives in the cutterhead provide a cutting capacity of up to 6 1/2″.

The jointer sits on a heavy-duty, one-piece steel stand with mounting tabs included for stability. It sells for about $649.

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